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We know it’s stressful when hail storms damage your home’s siding. It leaves your house exposed and vulnerable, not to mention the potential for water damage and leaks. No one should live with the worry of further damage due to unattended siding issues.

We understand your situation, so we’re here to help. At Brandon J Roofing, we are a fully licensed and insured residential siding contractor ready to restore your home’s beauty and integrity. Learn more about us!

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Comprehensive Siding Solutions

Hail doesn’t stand a chance against our expertise. Our professional team can handle all your siding project needs, from minor repairs to complete replacements. We offer:

Siding repair

If your siding has minor damages, we’ll repair it immediately to prevent further issues. Our siding contractors are trained and have years of experience handling various types of siding, including vinyl, wood, fiber cement, and more. 

Siding replacement

In cases where the damage is extensive, or you simply want to upgrade the look of your home, we offer complete siding replacement services. We’ll help you choose the perfect type and color of siding for your home, ensuring it looks great while providing maximum protection for the storm season. 

Siding installation

Whether you’re building a new home or adding an addition, our team can provide expert siding installation services. We use only high-quality materials and the latest techniques to ensure a perfect fit and long-lasting results.

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Personalized Approach for Every Home

We treat every home like our own, carefully assessing each unique situation to provide the best solution. Quick repairs will preserve your home’s aesthetic and also safeguard your home against costly, long-term issues. At Brandon J Roofing, we ensure a speedy and effective response to protect your home’s integrity.

Plus, our warranties set us apart as a reliable residential siding contractor, giving you peace of mind. We offer a workmanship warranty for 15 years! 

Don’t Let Hail Damage Get You Down With Brandon J Roofing

Don’t let hail damage cause further harm to your home. Be prepared for any weather with the help of Brandon J Roofing, your trusted and reliable siding contractor in St. Charles, MO. Ready to restore your home’s siding? 

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Remember, protecting your home begins with quality siding!

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