Premier Roof Replacement Services In Wentzville, Mo

Our Team

Our skilled team is trained in roofing repairs and replacements, including siding and gutters. They’re committed to ensuring a sturdy, durable roof that sets them apart. Moreover, we use high-quality materials in all of our projects, guaranteeing your roof’s longevity and good looks.

Our Commitment

We’re committed to providing our clients with outstanding customer service and roofing solutions.

“They were transparent on the materials being used. Worked with insurance on what was covered and how much it would cost out of pocket. Installation was fast! Less than a day from start to finish, and they did a thorough job cleaning up afterwards.” said Jeff Brzezinski, one of our customers.

As a Platinum Preferred Contractor, we offer Owens Corning 50 Year Shingle Warranty and a separate workmanship warranty for 15 years, ensuring that your roofs are protected for many years.

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Transform Your Home With Brandon J Roofing

In a busy city like Wentzville, MO, you deserve to live under a sturdy roof without worrying about going through the numerous residential roof replacement services available. It’s an overwhelming experience that can leave anyone feeling lost and stressed. At Brandon J Roofing, we recognize this struggle and empathize with your roofing journey.

We’ve designed a simple three-step plan to help you repair your roof:

  1. Contact us: Get a complimentary roof inspection so we can evaluate your roof’s needs.
  2. Work closely with our expert team: to choose the most fitting roofing solution for your home. We offer a free quote for our services adaptable to your budget. 
  3. Get your roof fixed: Our skilled technicians will efficiently install your new roof using only top-tier materials.

Brandon J Roofing means choosing quality, reliability, and exceptional customer service. Let us take the stress out of your roofing project. Your home deserves nothing less!


Our Process

Your Simple Three-Step Plan for Quality Roof Maintenance

We want to make maintaining your roof as straightforward as possible. That’s why we’ve broken it down into three easy steps.

The first step is to contact us. Whether you’ve noticed a problem or want to avoid potential issues, we’re here to help with our roofing services in St. Peters, MO.

Next comes the assessment. We’ll look at your roof, identifying any areas that need attention. We believe in catching problems early, so we’ll be thorough and meticulous in our inspection.

Finally, we get to the heart of the matter – the roofing maintenance. From cleaning gutters to sealing leaks, we’ll ensure your roof is in top-notch condition, giving you peace of mind and keeping your home safe and secure.

Enjoy The Best Maintenance Services For Your St. Peters Home

Neglecting your roof can lead to severe problems down the line, causing stress, unexpected expenses, and even damage to your cherished home. It’s a scenario no homeowner wants to face. That’s why we’re here with our top-notch roofing services in St. Peters, MO, to help you avoid such issues.

You’re choosing peace of mind by choosing Brandon J Roofing for your roofing maintenance. Our professional team will ensure your roof is in great shape, protecting your home and contributing to its longevity. So why wait? Contact us today and experience the benefits of quality, cost-effective roof maintenance. Let’s work together to keep your home safe and sound.

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